Friday, December 5, 2008

Mohit Needs your Votes

Mohit Lalwani, has once got out of Indian Idol, courtesy less public votes. And now, he prays that he gets the much deserved junta votes to keep him going in the race..

Indian Idol is fast gearing up for Galas with its Top 14 contestants all set for the tough ride ahead. Owing to the current strike on television, these participants have ample time to practice and better themselves.

Indian Idol gala contestant Mohit Lalwani has a big grouse against the audience as he feels that people are not voting for him. “I am finding it quite bad that despite singing well and having a great personality to boot people still do not support me. I had to return via wild card courtesy judges,” he remarked sadly.

Talking about himself the aspiring singers quips, “I have always been devoted to music so much that I lost a year in school (class 9) because of my singing craze. This scared my folks so much that I had to stop music and concentrate on my career. But later I got admission in a reputed college, thanks to the same art.”

He feels that coming from a big town like Delhi is a downer. “Your city people don’t bother to rally behind you. You are just one more contestant in a long line. On the other hand small towns really support their people,” avers the young lad.

However, this Music Honors student also feels that some of the contestants in Indian Idol are also blatantly playing to the regional galleries. “This is not done. As a true artist, I want the whole country to vote for me and not just my home town” he adds.

“Music is my life and hence I need this platform to showcase my talent to the world,” he concludes.