Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mohit Lalwani Elimination from Indian Idol 4 on 10th Jan

It is a very sad day for the followers,friends and family of Mohit Lalwani. The good looking Delhi guy was eliminated today on January 10th Indian Idol 4 Eliminations. After singing "Woh Hansini" of his Idol Kishore Kumar on Jan 9th episode yesterday on Indian Idol Gala stage, he felt like maybe he will be safe for quite some time but with his vote bank ( mostly girls ) not giving their support Mohit had to say good bye. It is really sad to know that Mohit will no longer be a part of Indian Idol, but hopefully we will see more of him as Javed Akthar pointed out that sooner or later he is really going to be a great singer.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mohit Needs your Votes

Mohit Lalwani, has once got out of Indian Idol, courtesy less public votes. And now, he prays that he gets the much deserved junta votes to keep him going in the race..

Indian Idol is fast gearing up for Galas with its Top 14 contestants all set for the tough ride ahead. Owing to the current strike on television, these participants have ample time to practice and better themselves.

Indian Idol gala contestant Mohit Lalwani has a big grouse against the audience as he feels that people are not voting for him. “I am finding it quite bad that despite singing well and having a great personality to boot people still do not support me. I had to return via wild card courtesy judges,” he remarked sadly.

Talking about himself the aspiring singers quips, “I have always been devoted to music so much that I lost a year in school (class 9) because of my singing craze. This scared my folks so much that I had to stop music and concentrate on my career. But later I got admission in a reputed college, thanks to the same art.”

He feels that coming from a big town like Delhi is a downer. “Your city people don’t bother to rally behind you. You are just one more contestant in a long line. On the other hand small towns really support their people,” avers the young lad.

However, this Music Honors student also feels that some of the contestants in Indian Idol are also blatantly playing to the regional galleries. “This is not done. As a true artist, I want the whole country to vote for me and not just my home town” he adds.

“Music is my life and hence I need this platform to showcase my talent to the world,” he concludes.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mohit Lalwani in Indian Idol 4

Indian Idol 4 Contestant - Mohit Lalwani

Fast Facts

Place: Delhi

Delhi boy Mohit is a complete music enthusiast. He believes he has everything it takes to be the next Indian Idol—the right voice, attitude and music talent. Indian Idol for him is not only a chance to connect and meet new people, but also to take him to the next level of professional playback singing. This high-spirited boy alternatively enjoys travelling and engaging in adventure sports.


Mohit means: Manmohak (One who is dear to the heart)

About myself: I am from Delhi and I completed my graduation from Ramdev College. I am a part of a rock band. My music teacher and friends encouraged me to participate in music competitions. Senior girls would make me sing for them and then give me a kiss as a reward

Family:Parents and a younger sister. I am closest to mom

Inspiration: Sonu Niigaam

Put-off: I hate when close people ditch

Fear:I don’t fear anything

If I become the Indian Idol,
I will:
Buy a house for my parents because we stay in a rented flat

One thing I would like to change in myself: I wouldn’t want to change anything—I’m happy the way I am

Pals on Indian Idol 4: Sandeep, Prosanjeet (my room mates), Tulika, Purnima and Priyanka


Food: Love mom’s cooking

Likes: Being with friends

Colour: Green, red, black

Actor: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan

Actress: Vidya Balan